Providing Intelligence Management Solutions that use AI services to help businesses automate their operations and increase efficiency.

At AlphGa, we offers Intelligence Management Solutions that enable businesses to optimise their operations, improve customer experiences, and enhance overall efficiency. Our services include Asset and Warehouse Management, Queue Management, and Point of Sale (POS) Systems. With our innovative technologies and expertise, we empower businesses to harness the power of intelligent management to drive growth and success.

Our Services:

Asset and warehouse management Solutions:

Our Asset and Warehouse Management system tracks and manages the maintenance and repair of assets, such as equipment and vehicles, to help businesses optimize their use of assets, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency. Many businesses can leverage this system to streamline their asset management processes.

RFID solution

RFID solution: Our RFID solution uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to track and manage inventory, providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking, and improving efficiency.


Our Barcode solution uses barcode technology to track and manage inventory, providing real-time visibility into inventory levels and reducing the risk of overstocking or under-stocking.

Stocktake solutions

Our Stocktake solution streamlines the process of taking inventory, reducing the time and effort required to count inventory and improving accuracy.


Restaurant Management Solutions

 iPad Point-of-Sale (POS)

This system is based on the iPad and allows businesses to process transactions and manage inventory in real-time. It streamlines sales processes and provides a more efficient customer experience.

Queue Management System

This system manages customer wait times in a physical location. It can improve customer service by providing real-time updates on wait times and reducing customer frustration.

Self-Service Ordering Kiosk

This kiosk allows customers to place orders and pay for them without assistance. This solution can reduce wait times, improve the customer experience, and free up staff for other tasks.

QR Code ordering System

Customers can scan the QR code with their smartphone camera to access a website or mobile app where they can view the menu and place their order. This system is convenient for customers, as they can order without interacting with a server or physical menu, and it reduces the workload for restaurant staff. QR code ordering systems can also provide data on customer preferences and behavior, which can help restaurants enhance the customer experience and make informed business decisions.

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Retail and Hotel Management Solutions

Kiosk Chatbox

This self-service kiosk allows customers to ask questions and receive quick and accurate answers, reducing the workload on customer service staff.

Inventory Management Solutions

Our inventory management solutions streamline the process of taking inventory, reducing the time and effort required to count inventory while improving accuracy.

Camera and Sensor Detection

Our camera and sensor detection solutions use cameras and sensors to monitor physical spaces, such as retail stores or warehouses, providing real-time data on customer traffic, inventory levels, and other metrics that can be used to optimise business operations.

IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

Our IoT solutions use connected devices to collect and analyse data, which can be used to improve business processes and operations, such as energy-saving solutions for lights and air conditioning.

Business Digital Card Management Solutions

Our Business Digital Card Management solution offers various options for businesses to provide their customers with convenient and secure digital card options. Our four options include:


Near field communication (NFC) technology allows customers to tap their phone or card against a reader to make a payment or access information. This solution is convenient and secure, as it requires close proximity to the reader to work.


Plastic cards with an embedded chip that can store and process data. They can be used for payments, access control, and other purposes. Our smartcard solution is secure and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business.


Our eCard solution is a digital version of a traditional plastic card. It can be stored on a customer’s phone or accessed through a website. This solution is convenient and eco-friendly, as it eliminates the need for physical cards.

QR Code

Our QR code solution uses QR code technology to provide customers with information about products or services. It can be used for marketing purposes, as well as to provide customers with instructions or other information.

Customised solution

Case Study: 24/7 gym centre facial recognition for existing members

The “Customised solution” is an example of how we can provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. The specific example mentioned is a 24/7 gym center that uses facial recognition for existing members. This solution allows members to easily access the gym at any time without the need for a physical key or membership card.

In this case, we work closely with the gym centre to use an existing facial recognition system that integrates with their existing membership system and database. The system would use cameras to capture images of members as they enter the gym, and then compare those images to the database to verify their identity. Once verified, the member would be granted access to the gym.

This solution provides several benefits for the gym center and its members. Members no longer need to carry physical keys or membership cards, which can be lost or forgotten. The gym center can also save on the cost of producing and distributing these physical items. Additionally, the facial recognition system provides a high level of security, as only authorised members are granted access to the gym.

Overall, this is just one example of how we can provide customised solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We work closely with each client to understand their specific requirements and develop innovative solutions that help them achieve their goals.

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Why Choose Our Intelligence Management Solutions:

Our solutions enable businesses to optimise their operations, improve customer experiences, and enhance overall efficiency. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

Expertise and Innovation

Our team of experts have years of experience in the industry and are always at the forefront of technological innovation. We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each business has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer customised solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Our solutions are designed to help businesses streamline their operations and reduce costs. By automating processes and providing real-time data and insights, our solutions help businesses make informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively.

Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions are designed to improve customer experiences and satisfaction. By providing faster service, reducing wait times, and enhancing security, our solutions help businesses build loyalty and attract new customers.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of services, including Asset and Warehouse Management, Queue Management, Point of Sale (POS) Systems, Restaurant Management Solutions, Retail and Hotel Management Solutions, Business Digital Card Management Solutions, and Customised Solutions. This allows businesses to choose the services that best meet their needs and requirements.

Choose AlphGa for our expertise, innovation, tailored solutions, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive range of services.

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