Web Development

Website is one of the indispensable part of the company today, but also one of the promotional methods. We provide professional and one-stop web design services, client only need to provide the appropriate text and image information, then we will create the unique website to the company.

Web Design.

Each business is unique and we make sure your website is too.
Achieving commercial success comes down to your website in offering excellent user experience. It’s must appear simple and friendly but contain complex algorithm behind to capture site visitors.

Ensuring your all potential customers get your message relies on delivering an engaging experience, through modern website design, compelling them to take the next step. Central to this is our intimate understanding of user behaviour, responsive websites, content strategies & various analytical tools. Having access to multiple devices throughout your day means your website needs to morph like a chameleon to adapt to it’s changing environment. Full stop.

What’s more, continuous improvement is critical to user engagement and the ongoing success of your website. Measuring results using analytics allows you to make informed decisions about the effectiveness not only of your custom web design but your complete digital strategy.

ALPHGA’s major source of work has been in web design and development. As the technology has grown and advanced, so has the company.

Website concept

Turning website design concepts into a functioning masterpiece.
Web development is more than just creating Content Management Systems (CMS). Our web application development team is responsible for a number of ‘behind the scenes’ tasks such as integrating existing systems, creating a customised CMS, web application development, CRM’s, intranets and security, to name a few.

Our team are enthusiastic developers who love to build engaging shopping cart websites. Their knowledge and expertise in eCommerce website development ensures your shoppers remain engaged throughout the buying process. By linking analytics to your cart our developers can help us identify issues in the checkout process and rectify them to prevent future abandonments.

Want to integrate your web application or eCommerce website to your accounting system? Our web developers have the expertise and love a challenge!

Basically, we come up with the great website designing ideas and our team of switched on web developers then integrate and execute to provide our clients with premium websites or applications.

SEO Strategy.

Putting you in clear view of customers searching online.

Smart businesses have recognised the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) in being visible to potential customers.