System solutions

We provide a full range of software development, solution, integration, and programming services with many platforms and languages covered. our team work with our client’s business to understand and translate business requirements into technology solutions.  Our experienced team are well equipped with the technical know how to recommend the best solution to a business problem in line with an organisation’s strategic goals. We provide solutions to functional problems and also recommendations on higher level decisions such as build vs. buy, technology platform selection, scalability options, deployment strategies, cloud vs. on-premise etc. We’ve played a key role in the end-to-end solution design.

Application integration is also a core area of expertise at AlphGa. We’ve introduced new solutions into existing technology whilst integrating with legacy solutions in a seamless manner. We’ve also replaced core business platforms with minimal impact to surrounding systems. We are well respected by our clients as our technicians continues to strives and help our client to deliver the most out of their business software.

How AlphGa can drive your business

forward with innovation.