Outsource IT support to professional and experience team who help to solve daily operation IT program.

AlphGa provides you with high-quality outsourced IT support, ranging from large listed companies to Soho companies. It is extremely difficult to find suitable IT personnel for support in Hong Kong. AlphGa's professional team has more than 15 years of experience and can definitely help. To you. We are one of the few companies that can provide unlimited daily support plans. You only need to provide the number of computers that the company needs to support to quote the price.

Daily support services include: - Resolve user problems with email, printing and internet connection; - Perform user/email account creation, deletion, attribute changes; - perform hardware and software configuration for resource sharing; - Perform software patch updates (manual only, not backup software licenses); - installation/reinstallation of computers and printers (excluding network equipment, servers); - Perform virus checks and assist users in recovering system/data; - Help users perform backups of data and database files located on the server/NAS (labor only, backup software license not included) - carry out regular inventories, especially of software items, to help users ensure that no illegal software is installed on any machine; - Coordinate support and maintenance of various suppliers

Successful purchases of our service will receive an IT audit inspection worth up to HK$10,000 dollars. This includes an hardware and software inventory list, network diagram and office layout, reviewing the existing IT infrastructure of the office and providing professional suggestions for improvement. Please get in touch with our sales today.


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